Here are the official rules of BFC season 2.

  • Every contestant starts with 50 points, which may be added to or taken away.
  • Every contestant is on a team, and their teams may be switched.
  • Every round of BFC starts with Candy At Stake! during which a BFC contestant from the losing team is eliminated, specifically the one with the highest number of votes from the voters.
  • If a contestant has 100 points, they can use them to drop off half their votes(they can only do that before the votes are revealed).
  • Every 5th round, nobody is eliminated, and the voters vote on who they bring back into the battle.
  • After Candy At Stake, the contest begins.
  • The contests are always different and are chosen by the BFC staff(i.e the host, judges, etc)
  • Rounds happen once every Thursday lunch recess to match with pizza.
  • If a contestant does not show up without letting the host know they won't be there, the contestant will be eliminated.
  • If a contestant uses electronics during a contest, they shall lose 30 pts.